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One-time work rates

The name of the operation

Cost (RUB.,VAT included)

Removing packaging materials from the contractor's territory (per 1 unit of server/telecommunications equipment)1.


Hot swapping of a disc / power supply (provided the disc / power supply and necessary components are provided by the customer)2.


Replacing components that require opening the server (nodes): RAM, CPU, power supplies, HDD and other components as per the customer's SOW, subject to the provision of the necessary components by the latter2. The server shall be mounted on a sled.


Configuring BIOS as per the customer’s SOW.


Configuring network devices as per the customer’s SOW.


Installing the OS as per the customer’s SOW (provided that a link to the required image is available).


Non-standard operations, RUB per 30 minutes of work.




1 The cost of removing more than 10 boxes shall be negotiated separately. 

2 The maximum number of operations per server shall be five. In the case of six or more operations processed on one server, the cost of work shall be determined on an hourly basis. The minimum performance time shall be 60 minutes. 1 hour of work shall cost RUB 3,000, VAT incl. 

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