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The instructions for the my.storedata.ru

The request submission and processing system is located at my.storedata.ru 

Visit the homepage of the ticket system to find various articles and the StoreData center regulations. This section will be constantly updated during the operation of the system. 

Use the search box to find what you need using keywords. 

To log in to the personal account of the ticket system, you are required to enter the SuperAdmin personal data provided by your StoreData account manager. If, for any reason, you have forgotten or lost your data, you can restore them by emailing an appropriate request to sd@storedata.ru 


Logged in, you see the “My requests” section. 

Here, you can view the history of all the submitted requests and responses thereto. 

Each application can be viewed in detail by clicking. 

The “Corporate request” section displays all the requests submitted by other authorized employees of your company. 

In the “Knowledge base” section, you will find articles and regulations necessary for your work in the StoreData center. 


The “Users" section allows the user of the SuperAdmin level to add/remove employees of the company and also make the necessary amendments to the existing users' settings and details. 

When you click the “Add user" button, a questionnaire appears to be completed with the details of a new user. 

ATTENTION! Please carefully specify the e-mail of employees, as the duty engineers respond to the e-mail you specified. It is also be used for logging in the personal account. 


The fields marked with a bold dot are mandatory. The fields can be completed in both Russian and English. 

When registering a new user, select his role (status). 

To delete a user, select “Invalid” in the list available in the “Valid” section of the user's card.

  1. SuperAdmin can view all the services of the company and can create/delete users, including those of the SuperAdmin level. 
  2. Administrator can view all the services of the company, but has no rights to create new users. 
  3. User can only view the Technical Support service. This user is suitable for technical support / the administrator status They may submit requests for process operations with the equipment, only. 


The “Services” section features ordinary requests submitted to various StoreData services. 

Visit the “Sales” section to submit a request for invoices and closing documents, as well as for making amendments in the scope of the services you use.

Visit the “Request preparation” section to submit a request for the bringing in /removal of equipment, as well as for an access pass for persons or vehicles. 

Visit the “Connection lines” section to order connection line installation or to request preliminary cost and length calculations. 

The “Technical support” service allows requesting process operations with the equipment. 

The “Technical support” service comes in four different tariff plans. To learn more, visit the StoreData Website. 

ATTENTION! The initial application shall be submitted via the personal account of the ticket system. 

Once the duty engineer has responded to the request, further communication shall be possible through your email provided that your request number is saved in the subject line. 

P.S. Any issues regarding the system's operation and the recovery of your personal account password shall be referred to sd@storedata.ru 


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