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The rules of stay of clients in the data center StoreData


  • The right to freely access the data center shall be exercised by the persons included in the round-the-clock access list.
  • All other persons may stay at the data center only if a request for a one-time access of the Customer's representatives has been properly made and submitted.
  • Persons under 14 years of age shall be allowed to enter the data center, provided that they are permanently accompanied by a Customer's representative who has been granted the right to access the data center premises.
  • The Customer's representatives or other authorized persons shall enter the data center through the doors equipped with ACS electronic locks.
  • Each visitor shall be given an electronic pass and a badge valid during the entire stay. To obtain the pass, the visitor shall show his or her ID document to the engineer on duty and sign his name in the correspondent register. When leaving the data center territory, surrender the pass to the duty engineer.
  • Should no special conditions have been agreed upon with the Contractor, then the stay of the Customer's representatives in the territory of the Contractor's data center shall be governed by the following rules: 
    — access to the data center shall be allowed around the clock; 
    — the Contractor may deny to certain representatives of the Customer access to the territory of the data center without explanation. 
  • The Customer's specialists with at least an electrical safety group 3 (up to 1000 V) shall be allowed to the Contractor's data center to perform the work on equipment placement and installation (as well as maintenance and dismantling).
  • Ensuring that the electrical safety certificate is valid shall fall within the Customer's scope of responsibility.
  • The Customer shall agree upon with the Contractor the timing and scope of the work performed in the data center and shall, at the request of the Contractor's engineers, submit the work plan and connection layout.
  • The stay of the Customer's representatives in the data center telecommunications closet shall be governed by the rules as follows:
    — the Customer's representative shall be prohibited from staying in the telecommunications closet with his outerwear and shoulder bag on; 
    — upon termination of optical fiber works, should the cable need re-laying or laying in a different fashion, or in case of any other actions resulted in the extraction of the fiber from the organizer, it is necessary to: leave a minimum fiber margin from the rack front and not to leave the fibers outside the organizer; 
    — the Customer's representatives shall be prohibited from manipulating the optical fibers of other Customers, if not consented to by the data center representatives; 
    — the Customer's representative shall contact the duty engineers regarding the temporary accommodation of consumables, availability of additional tools, and assistance during the performance of work. 
  • The work completed, the Customer's representative shall notify the Contractor's duty engineer and submit the place of work for inspection.
  • The place of work inspected,the duty engineer shall provide his oral opinion on whether he has any comments for the Customer's representatives. 
  • Any comments made,the Customer's representatives shall be obliged to take all measures to immediately eliminate the violations identified. 
  • In case of fire, it is necessary to act as per the fire safety rules for public buildings and structures, following escape signs.
  • The Customer's representative is aware that, in compliance with the PCI DSS requirements, the Contractor uses a CCTV system with a recording depth of at least 3 months.
  • The Customer shall: 
    • comply with generally accepted standards of conduct;
    • observe the rules of fire, sanitary, environmental safety;
    • enter/exit only through designated authorized areas, entrances/exits;
    • organize the removal of packaging materials and industrial waste from the data center site and their subsequent disposal;
    • park motor vehicles only in specially designated areas of StoreData LLC;
    • treat the Contractor's property with due care;
    • inform the Contractor about any damages, breakdowns of building structures and the engineering equipment of buildings and structures;
    • inform the Contractor about all violations of fire, sanitary, environmental safety rules;
  • The Customer shall not be allowed to: 
    • stay without badge in all the data center premises;
    • transfer electronic passes to third persons and let the third persons with electronic passes transferred this way in the data center;
    • leave the electronic pass unattended;
    • litter;
    • enter the data center units and the telecommunications closet with outerwear on;
    • bring any drinks and food in the data center units;
    • smoke in all the data center premises, except for in the specially designated areas;
    • bring any explosives, combustible, and flammable liquids and materials, weapons, ammunition, military toxic substances in the data center territory;
    • store cardboard, paper, and other packaging and/or flammable materials in the data center equipment rooms, server racks, and aisles;
    • take photos and make videos without permission;
    • open racks belonging to another company's representatives and/or impact in any way the equipment accommodated therein;
    • leave the rack open for a long time and after work;
    • place any products and perform any activity outside the data center premises.
  • Each of the Parties shall guarantee that:
    — all authorized representatives of the Parties are aware of the access rules and conditions of work in the data center territory; 
    — all authorized representatives of the Parties have the appropriate knowledge and qualifications to work in the data center territory; 
    — all authorized representatives of the Parties have been warned of being liable for any violation of the established rules of access to and work in the data center territory. 
  • Each Party shall be liable to the other for any acts (omissions) of its authorized representatives.
  • The Contractor shall not be held liable for the safety and integrity of any personal belongings left by the customer's representative in public spaces.
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