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Area 250 sq.m.
Power 1000 kVA
Switching room capacity up to 100 cabines
Power per cabinet up to 8 kVA
Area 120 sq. m.
Power 300 kVA
Switching room capacity up to 30 cabinets
Power per cabinet up to 8 kVA
Area 110 sq. m.
Power 310 kVA
Switching room capacity up to 40 cabinets
Power per cabinet up to 5 kVA
Power supply

200 kVA (N+1) Liebert NXA UPS.

A FG Wilson DDG is automatically started up during power cut in the metropolitan area grid and can withstand the full load of the data center for at least 13 hours without refueling.

Power is supplied as per the standards of a special group of essential loads. Two independent power supply beams, each capable of withstanding full loads of the data center.

Back-up scheme - 2N. Two transformers accommodated in different distribution transformer substations.


Cooling system based on STULZ CyberAir3 precision air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 45 kW each (N+1).

Anti-static raised floors Yansen with a height of 500 mm. Maximum load – not less than 1.5 t/sq m.

The climatic parameters and the degree of air purification in the data center comply with the ASHRAE recommendations and ensure the durability of the equipment accommodated.

Fire fighting

The data center has a set of tools aimed at ensuring a high level of fire safety. Fire and smoke alarm and early detection systems allow avoiding an emergency before the fire develops.

The freon-based automatic gas fire extinguishing, smoke removal and pressure relief systems provide reliable protection and operation of the equipment even with the automatic gas fire extinguishing system actuated.

The gas mixture is HFC-227ea.


The data center has implemented a set of tools and measures aimed at ensuring the physical security of the equipment accommodated. The CCTV system along the perimeter of the data center and in each module records what is going on in the data center, storing HD footages for a period of up to 150 days.

Access control procedures, physical access differentiation on the basis of a proximity card, control by security guards and duty shifts, protected area.

StoreData means
The reliable equipment corresponding to Tier III level, namely: Liebert, HiRef, Stulz, FG Wilson, freon-based automated gas fire-fighting systems.
Routine maintenance and modernization of equipment, 100% uptime since 2010.
Protected area, organizational procedures, access control system, CCTV (HD cameras), 120-day storage of footages, round-the-clock duty shifts.
More than 20 telecom carriers, MSK-IX key node, FOCLs to the MMTS-9 and MMTS-10 Internet exchange hubs, an opportunity to commission its own FOCL without restrictions.
Wide range of 24/7/365 technical support services, professional team of engineers, response time of 15 minutes.
Compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 2701:2005, membership in the Association of Data Center Industry Insiders.
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